Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden was founded January 1, 1918, and operated in the Myers Building in downtown Springfield until the early 1970’s, when the firm moved to their current location at 901 S. Second Street.

The firm name from 1918-1928 was Bacchus and Bishop.

In May 1928 the firm name changed to Bishop and Estes, as Clifford Estes joined the firm in 1921 and became partner in 1928 and the name remained the same until 1942.

In January 1942, Edward Wheeler joined Clifford Estes and the firm name was then Estes & Wheeler until 1968. The son of Clifford Estes, Eugene Estes joined the firm in the 1960’s and became a partner with his father until 1968. Billy Legg joined the firm in 1963 and became partner in 1968.

In 1968, the firm had four partners and was called Estes, Bridgewater & Legg. Clifford Estes, Eugene Estes, Warren Bridgewater, and Billy Legg were the partners until 1976 as Clifford Estes retired.
Richard Ogden was admitted as partner in 1976, and with the departure of Billy Legg from the firm the name was then changed to Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden. Roy Ballinger and Richard Grafton were admitted as partners in 1986. Eugene Estes and Warren Bridgewater retired in 1992.

The partnership of Richard Ogden, Richard Grafton and Roy Ballinger remained until the retirement of Richard Ogden in 2010. Mike Fafoglia and Lori Milosevich were admitted as partners in 2010. Roy Ballinger retired in 2011 and Mike Fafoglia and Richard Grafton in 2015

Terri Phelps who joined the firm in 2010 was admitted as partner in 2012. Jim Legg merged the firm Legg & Legg with Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden in January 2016 and became a partner at that time. Dan Cody joined the firm in 2018 and became a partner January 2021.

Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden has provided audit, accounting and tax services for over 100 years in Springfield and the surrounding communities and remains committed to providing personal attention to each client into the years ahead.